Tuesday, July 27, 2010

work work work.... I love it!

Thanks again to the awesome feedback and participation.  I am absolutely loving this, and it's so great to know what people are wanting because I just want to make art that brightens people's day :-)   There are so many ideas in the backlog and knowing what is more in demand helps me prioritise what I work on next.

I've been wanting to blog more and was hoping to put little pics up with each post but each time I think of blogging I hold off because there's just a little bit more I could finish off, and then I'll post it.... well that seems to be a recurring issue, so I've decided, pics or no pics I'm going to post anyway :-)

We've got some awesome suggestions for new artworks.  Have finished the first of many Circus pics.  Got some Pirates in the pipeline, and of course Alice in Wonderland, which is getting pretty much as much of my focus as I can spare.

Here's a little sneak peak again....

.... chat more soon :-)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

We have winners!!!!!

Thank you so so much to everyone who took the time to enter our little blog competition... thanks to you we  have been able to get an idea of some of Giuseppe's more popular designs, and Giuseppe has a whole host of brilliant ideas for new designs (he is going to be a busy busy boy!).  We also have almost 300 followers on facebook and 19 blog followers so we are having a little party over here - thanks so much for joining us for the ride!

Now onto the important details.... we have some prizes to give away!   Wahoo!!!  (Make sure you read all the way through!)

Drum roll please............



The winner of the 8" x 10" personalised print, valued at $25... is.......

Tina Mihalitsis!!!!!!!  
Congrats Tina  :)

But wait there's more!

The winners of the 5 packs of soon-to-be-released greeting cards (each pack containing 4 cards of your choice), valued at $10 per pack..... are.....

Lisa from Cute at Buttons!
My 3 lovelies!
Jodie Kochman!
Anita McDonald!
Kim from Cuggles Kids!

Congratulations to all these lovely ladies... I will be in contact with more details.


We are so thankful for all your feedback and so excited about the release of our greeting cards that we'd like to give a few bonus prizes!
Firstly to Becky Truloff - we are sending a 5"x7" personalised print your way.... for the amazing amount of 'likers' you have referred on - thanks again!  (you would have thought with all those entries your name would have come up at least once, but that's the luck of the draw! lol!)

Finally as we did not have a huge number of entries, but were so grateful for the time people put in to their feedback, we are sending EVERYONE else who commented on the giveaway post below (on this blog) 2 greeting cards (of your choice).  If you could please email me at katie.poli@gmail.com I will let you know the final selection of images for the greeting cards so you can choose which two cards you would like.

Thanks again!
katie and giuseppe

Friday, July 16, 2010

Studio update...

Hey all, thanks for your amazing response to our competition! It's been fabulous so far and we love your suggestions... I want to do them all :-) so I'm just going to have to keep running hard to bring them to life :-) I really appreciate your wonderful feedback and your time in providing it, cheers!

I sit here in this little "studio" surrounded with artwork I've done and thinking about the new works I'm working on, I'm so excited about sharing these pieces with you....so here's a little sample of something that is brewing away that i'm super chuffed about... my journey down the rabbit hole with Alice,

and yes it is little :-) I just don't want to give the whole lot away until it's finished...I hope you find it a tasty little morsel.....

Can't wait to have this available...

Chat more soon!

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's giveaway time!

If you are a facebook follower you may have seen that we are soon-to-be releasing a range of greeting cards using Giuseppe's images! Well, now we need your help. Our initial print run will only contain 10 images... the hard thing is deciding. So we thought we'd hand it over to you, our lovely fans, to help us choose... and as we're so excited about the new cards, we want to give away some stuff in the process!

PRIZES (the important stuff!)... there will be 6 lucky winners!
One 8"x10" print of your selection (personalised if you wish!)
Five packs of cards (each containing 4 cards of your selection!)

HOWEVER - If we reach 300 fans before the end of the competition, we will have DOUBLE the prizes available... if we reach 400 fans, we will TRIPLE them! If we manage to get to 400 fans, we will also have to do something spectacular in the discount department :)

Your mission is as follows: (and yes, you can receive multiple entries!)

(1) Become a facebook fan (if you aren't already... follow the link on the top right hand corner of the blog) and comment below to let us know - 1 entry
(2) Become a follower of this blog and comment below - 1 entry
(3) Comment below to let us know your favourite images from Giuseppe's current collection that you would like to see on a greeting card - 1 entry
(4) Comment below to give us some suggestions on new images that you would like to see Giuseppe paint - whether it be for personalised prints, greeting cards, or both! - 1 entry
(5) Invite friends to become Giuseppe's fan on Facebook - for every friend that becomes a 'liker' (get them to let us know you sent them) you get 1 entry!

So the more you do, the more entries you get! Wahoo!!!

The competition will close on Friday 23rd July at midnight... so get cracking!

We'd love you to be a part of the fun!


Hey from 'the other half'

Well hello there lovely fans!  Thanks so much for joining us and for all the support you have given us as we have gradually gotten Giuseppe's dream off the ground over the past few months.  I'm sure you will agree that it has been lots of fun seeing the new artworks appear... I know that I get excited posting new paintings up for you all to see!  You will probably quickly realise that I (Katie) tend to be the communication front as I don't have the talent so I would rather Giuseppe spends his time with a paintbrush in hand! 

If you are a regular facebook user, you will have noticed the production of artworks coming in waves followed by quiet periods... we are a busy little family and sometimes general everyday existence, Giuseppe's day-job, combined with being Dad (and doing a fabulous job of cleaning the kitchen every night!!!) have to take priority.  In saying that, Giuseppe is keen to provide a constant stream of new artworks so any ideas are always more than welcome.

We hope that you will continue to follow this journey, contribute suggestions whenever the inspiration takes you, and help us keep creating funky things for you and your special little people!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010



Welcome to the start of my first Giuseppe Poli - Artist blog! I'm pretty excited as it's another avenue to share things with you and can't wait for it grow.

Cheers and chat soon!

G :)