Friday, July 9, 2010

It's giveaway time!

If you are a facebook follower you may have seen that we are soon-to-be releasing a range of greeting cards using Giuseppe's images! Well, now we need your help. Our initial print run will only contain 10 images... the hard thing is deciding. So we thought we'd hand it over to you, our lovely fans, to help us choose... and as we're so excited about the new cards, we want to give away some stuff in the process!

PRIZES (the important stuff!)... there will be 6 lucky winners!
One 8"x10" print of your selection (personalised if you wish!)
Five packs of cards (each containing 4 cards of your selection!)

HOWEVER - If we reach 300 fans before the end of the competition, we will have DOUBLE the prizes available... if we reach 400 fans, we will TRIPLE them! If we manage to get to 400 fans, we will also have to do something spectacular in the discount department :)

Your mission is as follows: (and yes, you can receive multiple entries!)

(1) Become a facebook fan (if you aren't already... follow the link on the top right hand corner of the blog) and comment below to let us know - 1 entry
(2) Become a follower of this blog and comment below - 1 entry
(3) Comment below to let us know your favourite images from Giuseppe's current collection that you would like to see on a greeting card - 1 entry
(4) Comment below to give us some suggestions on new images that you would like to see Giuseppe paint - whether it be for personalised prints, greeting cards, or both! - 1 entry
(5) Invite friends to become Giuseppe's fan on Facebook - for every friend that becomes a 'liker' (get them to let us know you sent them) you get 1 entry!

So the more you do, the more entries you get! Wahoo!!!

The competition will close on Friday 23rd July at midnight... so get cracking!

We'd love you to be a part of the fun!



  1. Hooray for a blog!! Well you know I am already a FB fan! Am now following your blog and am now off to suggest you to friends!


  2. Oh, and my favourites are the garden creatures, bugs and butterflies :)
    I do like your little spaceman series too :)

  3. Hello there! I'm a FB fan too...Scurrette got me onto you! Just about to follow your blog and then i'll get onto suggesting to my friends!

  4. My favourite images are your new construction boys love them...and I like your garden bugs particular Mr Frog!

  5. For some new ideas...what about some cool birds? or funky flowers!

  6. Well... I guess I'd better reply too...

    You know I love you.

    I heart the ladybugs - but that is no surprise.

    New ideas??? What about something for adults - like fancy dressed up ladies in gloves and hats?

  7. Yay! I love a good blog. Would have followed anyway and am pretty sure I'm a liker but will check. I love all the Garden Critters, probably like the froggy best. Well done on taking this next step Giuseppe and how lucky you are to have Katie as your PR manager! Looking forward to following your adventures. : ) Oh yes, and may need your help if I can't work out how to suggest this to friends...! Katie knows what I'm like at FB.

  8. Yay another blog to follow... might be a little addicted to blogger (& facebook).

    I love the frog reading on the lillypad. Reminds me of grade 8 RIBIT programe we had. I would like to see this in a greating card and as a poster print.

    Going along with the cup cakes pictures maybe some more kitchen style prints in that style in different colours, like greens and reds ect.

  9. Thanks for all the feedback so far everyone! It's great to have you on board! Great ideas for new paintings... I'm inspired and I can't even paint!

    Kim, have you managed the suggest to friends thing? Go to his facebook profile and under the profile pic is a "suggest to friends" option :)


  10. I'm now a follower of your wonderful blog and a big fan from way back :)

    I truly adore the ladybug print and the cupcakes :) and I think they would be just so pretty on greeting cards.

    I really think a gorgeous "boudoir" type theme for adults would be lovely - beautiful perfume bottles, gorgeous jewelery motifs, pretty lipsticks etc.... hope that makes sense!

  11. Hi Guys
    As a massive fan of Giuseppe's artwork, I am always happy to throw my 2 cents in...although I can't believe you are making me choose!

    I think the cupcakes are great as cards both for adults and children. I think you should have two of them and my two choices are 'flower power' and 'cherry delight'. Plus I love the pencil Alice drawings for a card. I already know about 3 people I would love to give the 'Alice meets the Cheshire Cat' (even as it is in its unfinshed stated i think it is awesome).

    The other ones I would love to buy as cards are as follows:
    1. Ladybug tea party
    2. Will you be mine (actually a great card for a couple - anniversary, engagement, love generally)
    3. Space boy
    4. Moon buggy
    5. and of course a pirate - there are lots of pirate cards around, but i think one of these needs to be part of your selection.

    I love the rocket, but there are lots of rocket cards around.

    5. I also think that you should do at least one card from the Construction series. I think any would be great...but i think my favourite would be the digger (in maybe red or green).

    I hope that it helpful.

    In terms of new ideas, I would love to see some animals...bigger animals. Elephant, Rhino, monkey, giraffe. I am also putting some thought into other adults that work for adults...but think this post is already long enough!

  12. (1) Become a facebook fan - TICK done! :)
    (2) Become a follower of this blog and comment below - Will do... shortly. :)
    (3) Favourite images from Giuseppe's current collection that you would like to see on a greeting card - I love Mr Frog from the Garden Critters. He is spectacular!
    (4) Some suggestions on new images that you would like to see Giuseppe paint - Owls. Everyone loves owls. Oh and everyone loves Babooshka Dolls too. Just in case you weren't sure what everyone loves... Owls and Babooshka dolls. :-)
    (5) Invite friends to become Giuseppe's fan on Facebook - Doing. :)

  13. THe ladybug and the frog on the lily pad are so cute. Love your work

  14. Good evening:

    1. So have been a facebook fan for months already!

    2. Am following this blog now! I totally didn't know that I could do that and that it was so easy! I am waiting to see if it sends me emails to tell me what's the haps!

    3. Ok my favourite images ... oh there are so many!!! I LOVE the Cheshire cat ... am reading Alice at the moment and it was amazing to have them pop up! I also adore the cupcakes! They make me VERY hungry though!

    4.Suggestions ... teacups and teapots ... I thought I'd heard Katie whisper about these happening but so far I haven't seen any. Oooh and cats ... cats with balls of wool. I love tea and cats. And you could add a tweedledum and tweedledee to the Alice section!

    5. Inviting friends ... i'm off to do that right now!

  15. Hello, FB follower, blog follower and my favourite to date would be any of the diggers, trucks or wheeled items! I think for wee folk of the boy variety, planes and helicopters are always a hit. What about something hearty for girls. I'd love a series of blue and white for grown ups to play with...ginger jars, teacups and that sort of thing. Lovely to play. Lisa x

  16. Hiya, I found you through Georgie Girl (Tina) on Facebook. I absolutely adore the "Cupcake Creations - Trio on Gingham" and would love to see that image on a greeting card. Congratulations on reaching over 250 FB followers :o)

  17. Absolutely love your cupcake collection :) I love all things vintage, also love the Alice in Wonderland theme, and what Tina recommended :)

    So now a FB and blogger fan and off to invite more friends to your amazing page :)xxx

  18. Hi new follower of your blog here and I am a FB fan! I love the garden critters, especially the ladybird as we love them in our house...

  19. Hello am now a FB follower and following this Blog at Tina from Georgie Girl's suggestion.

    I really like for card images
    Earth & Moon
    Space Boy
    Will U Bee Mine
    Trio of Cupcakes on Gingham

    would love to see you do some cheeky elves and pretty fairies

  20. WOW! Thanks so much for all your wonderful suggestions and for all your support :) Giuseppe is going to be a busy little bee with all those great ideas!
    Off to work out winners now... might have a little surprise in the woodwork........ :oD