Tuesday, July 27, 2010

work work work.... I love it!

Thanks again to the awesome feedback and participation.  I am absolutely loving this, and it's so great to know what people are wanting because I just want to make art that brightens people's day :-)   There are so many ideas in the backlog and knowing what is more in demand helps me prioritise what I work on next.

I've been wanting to blog more and was hoping to put little pics up with each post but each time I think of blogging I hold off because there's just a little bit more I could finish off, and then I'll post it.... well that seems to be a recurring issue, so I've decided, pics or no pics I'm going to post anyway :-)

We've got some awesome suggestions for new artworks.  Have finished the first of many Circus pics.  Got some Pirates in the pipeline, and of course Alice in Wonderland, which is getting pretty much as much of my focus as I can spare.

Here's a little sneak peak again....

.... chat more soon :-)